• Proven minimum 3 years relevant work experience with international exposure
• Language proficiency: Chinese – native, English – spoken
• Desire to work in a fast paced start up environment with a challenging and diverse range of work
• Degree in supply chain management, logistics, business administration or other relevant discipline
• Familiarity with relevant software
• 愿意在快节奏的工作环境中挑战多样化的任务
• 语言能力:中文-母语,英语-良好的口语
• 在国际化的工作环境中有3年相关工作经验
• 供应链管理、物流管理、行政管理等相关专业
• 熟悉相关软件

As Supply Chain & Operations Manager you will be responsible for overseeing end to end sourcing, manufacturing and fulfilment operations including, but not limited to:

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Procurement & sourcing 采购
• Vendor assessment - must know how to find and select new and alternate sources
• Lead price and contract negotiations and finalization of all terms and conditions of supply
• Monitor quality and safety of materials and compliance by vendors to key contract terms

Manufacturing 生产
• Oversee internal and external manufacturing ensuring products are made to requisite specifications and in particular in accordance with all quality and safety requirements
• Deploy processes to improve manufacturing processes

Certification and safety 安全达标
• Ensure products meet all relevant safety and certification requirements (CE, ROHS, toy safety laws etc.) including working with regulatory authorities and third parties to have products certified
确保产品符合所有相关的安全生产规定( CE,ROHS,玩具安全规定等等)。必要时需要与相关部门和第三方协作取得相关证书。

Ordering & Fulfillment 订购单及产品交付
• Oversee order and fulfilment process including order processing, shipping, logistics, tracking, export and import (including import taxes and duties) and related activities for products in China and internationally (e.g. UK, EU, USA etc.).

Finance & administration 财务&行政
• Analyse and calculate all costs and maintain financial reports and records related to the above

Innovation, collaboration and other responsibilities 创造力 合作性 责任心
• We are a very small team and the role will require you to work on a wide variety of work related to the development, manufacture and sale of our products. All members of the team are encouraged to invent, innovate and collaborate!