29.08.2012 Shanghai/ PRC
Product/ LCDC

We keep searching for new possibilities for detangling earphone cables (tag).
We spend small fortunes on our smart phones as we rely on them so much, it seams sensible to spend small fortunes on protecting it. I use a life proof case (highly recommended by the way). Unfortunately the microphone on mine does not work so well with the case on, but there is no way I'm going to take that case off. I have been using cabled earphone for a while, wrapping them around the phone case when not in use, however the wires keep on getting in the way of the screen and a bunch of other problems too. We had some Bluetooth modules left over from some other project so went to work putting some earphones together with things lying around the studio. v2.0 is rocking my world at the moment.
2008-V1.0 and 2015-v2.0