05.09.2017 Shanghai/ PRC
Interior / Buy for Two

Buy42 is Chinas first online charity store.
The best part about the flagship store, the revenue generated from sales goes into providing training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. They also make it a point to employ a certain number of disabled staff, as part of their effort to help with the community.

The majority of Buy 42's products come from major organisations and enterprises. Individuals can donate too, provided the items they're donating are in good condition. The store accepts clothing donation, as well as toys and furniture.

The store is rent-free, subsidised by the local district office. The expenses are covered by the stores revenue.

So if you have clothes (that you bought, thought you'd wear but didn't) to donate, appliances, books and other things in good condition that would otherwise end up in the trash, head down to Buy 42. Additionally, if your interested in volunteering at the store, click here to apply.