05.01.2016 Shanghai/ PRC
Business report/American Chambers

The American Chambers of commerce release a business report every year. You can download it in English or Chinese. The report is based on the results of their annual China Business Climate Survey, one of the longest running surveys of U.S. business in China that began in 1999. The report reflects the views and insights of their member companies based on their considerable experience doing business in this important market. In this year's report, their members continue to report profits and revenue growth but at lower levels than were previously projected. In addition, companies are adjusting downward their future forecasts and investment footprint in response to China's slowing economic growth. Constraints on foreign businesses include increasingly adept local competition, China's continued high cost of labor, and government policies and regulations that limit foreign participation in new markets. Our members see Chinese consumers, technology innovations, globalization of Chinese companies, urbanization and environmental protection as key trends for the future of their businesses here. The government's willingness to drive further reforms to support the development of China's "new economy" is key to ensuring a successful economic transition.